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Sachinn S Sharma was destined for excellence from his early years – when he faced the first obstacle that could have given him a scar for life (medical obstacle) – he decided to challenge the obvious and work on moving ahead – emboldened by his inherent strengths of affirmation, intuitiveness, and spiritual self. He came out trumps and thus began a journey that has touched many lives today.

Over the years, Sachinn Ji, gained a good education, graduated in hotel management, excelled in sales for a hospitality chain, managed BPOs, led global teams, kick-started software companies and made a name as a corporate leader.


All these years, adversaries kept their pace with him on personal and professional fronts, but Sachinnji excelled - guided by the knowledge and work he continued in the 'spiritual space'.
He is a self-taught numerologist with over 3 decades of research, also trained in mantras and its effects, advanced course certified in angel power and angel invocation, knowledgeable in crystals, gems and a trained Vastu/ energy balance specialist. His research continues in many other affiliated sciences, notably in animal spirit blessings and more. Today, luminaries from varied professional spaces, corporate chiefs, family owned businesses, small and medium enterprises, women emerging from adverse situations et al regard Sachinnji as the force that led them through transformation, guided through their numbers to better understand and follow the path of their destined blueprint, the purpose of their life, the past life’s karmic debts and how to clear them, the psychological makeup and achieving breakthroughs in the blockages, designing one’s individual name blueprint to be a catalyst in achieving measured success in health, finances and relationship and understand the path to one’s inner peace for one’s soul development.

1. Sachinn ji has a wide array of services that he has designed to better guide one in all realms of self-improvement / evolution, namely

2. Numerology based life solutions for the individual/family for success in all realms,

3. Vastu and blocked energy removal solutions,

4. Business enterprise management solutions,

5. Is most sought after today for his “life transformation program – Agraneeh“, Money Magnet 6 and Power Magnet.

6. He also teaches, though selectively, professional Numerology to a chosen few.

7. He also has created a vast and complex matrix software solution, which can create a 100 pager customized pdf/e version report of one’s full life ahead.



DT Mega Mall, 258, Golf Course Road,, Near SikandarPur Metro Station, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, Haryana 122001
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